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Enjoying Baseball

Enjoying Baseball

Enjoying Baseball


by Tammy Griffin, Mel Griffin

It happens every spring. Your otherwise normal boyfriend or hubby metamorphoses into something that resembles the zombies in the cult classic "Night of the Living Dead!"

There are several things that take place BEFORE this happens. First, you discover that your cable or satellite television statement has more than quadrupled. Don't worry, it will revert to normal after the World Series in the fall (unless he's a football fanatic as well). After all can't miss a game just because it's on "pay per view."

Second, check out your credit card statement. His recliner must be replaced with a newer, sturdier model. It just has to stand up to the wear and tear created by slamming fists and frequent jumping on the seat.

Third, your pantry fills up with every type of snack food and munchies known to modern man replete with enough carbs, calories and fat to make certain his life insurance premiums are current!

You explain to the kids that Daddy's really okay. . .he just needs rest and all the yelling and screaming will not raise his blood pressure to the boiling over point. . .or will it?

Look ladies, if any of this sounds familiar, you really need to get with the program. Have you ever heard the term, "you can't push a wet noodle, but you can pull it?"

Maybe it's time you threw yourself a lifeline and started pulling your baseball fanatic instead of fighting him. After all, baseball is here to stay and if you've spent any number of summers alone maybe, just maybe, you might surprise yourself and find some little part of the sport you can enjoy.

That's where "A Woman's Guide to Enjoying Baseball With Her Man" comes in. It will teach you everything you need to know about baseball season survivorship. Learn how to communicate with your guy about the sport. Here's just a little taste of what waits you inside:

  • The basics of baseball.
  • Why baseball is better than a movie (well almost)
  • The American culture of baseball.
  • Who are the baseball "greats" and why they are memorable.
  • Learn the lingo and what it means.
  • There are women players too!
  • How about a little baseball trivia?
  • The difference between male and female fans. . .hmmm?

Ladies, have you ever been to a live baseball game? If not, you may be in for a treat. If you really want to shake things up, try rooting against his favorite team! That's guarantee to get his attention!

Listen, the sport isn't going to go away and neither is your partner (hopefully) so why not give it a try. The only things you have to lose are long, lonely weekends for the entire season. Who knows? You might even become a fan yourself!

So don't waste another minute. Grab your copy of "A Woman's Guide to Enjoying Baseball With Her Man" and get ready for a terrific summer!

About the Authors

Tammy Griffin likes sports but is not as passionate (or fanatical) about anything like Mel is about baseball.

Mel Griffin enjoyed sports in school and is a fairly good player. Now, he is passionate about watching baseball. He noticed that many of his male friends showed disappointment that their wives and girlfriends had little interest in sharing their enthusiasm about gathering around the T.V. to watch the World Series, or go to a few games.

They were inspired to explain some of the reasons why most men (and some women - to be fair) enjoy baseball and how their baseball-phobic friends can come to either like, love, or at least put up with, baseball better!

They hope that their first ebook will help many couples to add baseball to the interests that they can enjoy together instead of keeping them apart.


Introduction by Tammy Griffin
Is Baseball for You?

  • Why Should a Girl like You go to a Baseball Game?
How to Learn Just Enough about Baseball
Baseball's Basics
The Little Things that Matter
  • Statistics
How to Show You're a Novice
Why Winning a Baseball Game Is Not Everything
Why Baseball Is Better Than Movies
Reasons You Should Care About Baseball
  • Talent is not all home-grown
Baseball is Part of American Culture
  • Baseball adds color to our language:
  • Baseball adds fun to our lives:
Great People in Baseball and American History
  • Yogi Berra
  • Lou Gehrig
  • Hank Aaron
  • Moses "Fleet" Fleetwood
  • Branch Rickie
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Babe Ruth
  • Ted Williams
Share Their Game with the Men in Your Life
Understanding Baseball
  • Slow-pitch
  • Pro Baseball - Hardball
  • - The Appeal of a low-scoring game
Baseball Equipment
  • Bat
  • The Baseball
The Baseball Playing Area
  • Illustration of a Baseball Field
Players and Their Positions
  • Left Handed Bias
The Game of Baseball
  • - It's a strike when:
  • - Definition of a Foul Tip:
  • - Definition of 'Ball'
  • Examples
  • - No outs, no one on base:
  • - Example #
Baseball Traditions and Legends
  • The Presidential First Pitch
  • The seventh-inning stretch
The Language of Baseball
Sure Fire Ways to Get an Autograph
  • What to Autograph
  • When to get Autographs
  • Strategies
Funny Baseball Quotes
Mel on 'Baseball and the Game of Life'
The Difference between Female and Male Baseball Fans
Choosing Baseball Gifts for Baseball-Addicted Men in Your Life
'Home Run' Baseball Photography Tips
Baseball Trivia
A Little History of Baseball
  • Women's Baseball History
  • - All-American Girls Professional Baseball (AAGPBL)
Mel's Moan
About the Authors

Introduction by Tammy Griffin

Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote, ""In the Spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" (not, "In the Spring, a young man's fancy turns to love." - you can win pocket money with trivia like that!) But, years later, some spoil-sport invented baseball!

Most men, and many women, love to play and/or watch baseball.

Many of our friends' wives and girlfriends just mentally switch off when the discussion turns to sport, and baseball in particular. And, many of them don't hesitate to make it obvious that they prefer to be elsewhere when a game is on the TV!

They just don't understand the appeal of it. Maybe they've been verbally assaulted by a statistics fanatic, were refused a game when they were young because, "You're just a girl!", or had their (normally reasonable) boyfriend or husband turn into a tyrant demanding silence and beer while the World Series is on their television.

This book is for those women that are comfortable in their baseball-free zone but may be wondering what so interesting about baseball. I'll give you just enough information so your eyes don't glaze when the subject is mentioned, and some points in favor of it which you may not have realized!

Mel's contribution has been in the research, which involved attending a lot of games and asking questions of the experts among his friends.

There is a lot of enjoyment to be found in a good game of baseball, and sharing the experience with someone you care about will make every game a good one.

Just put any turn-offs aside and chain up your phobia for now, because I want to help you find out what you're missing during the baseball season if you're clueless about curveballs and all the rest of America's favorite outdoor pastime.

On the baseball field, some of the best athletes in the country sweat and strain to out-perform their opponents. Their bodies are not encased in the armor that footballers have to wear.

The basic rules are easy to follow and you can always ask your favorite man to explain anything which is obscure (but please wait till a break in play, okay?)

I guarantee that he'll be real pleased to share his knowledge with you.

That's right! No more waiting for the mailman to come to your door 7-10 days later.. You can start reading this book instantly!

It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM in the morning, you'll be downloading and reading "Enjoying Baseball" within just a few minutes. There's absolutely no risk to you - so what are you waiting for?

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100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Guarantee

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Enjoying Baseball

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P.S. Please Don't Order this product if you're looking for a way to end your guy's avid love of the sport. But, if you are truly tired of being a baseball widow and are willing to make the effort you'll be glad you did and you just might find another whole way to share quality time with your fella'.

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